Underoath's performances aren't the only electric part of their day, according to drummer Aaron Gillespie.

So hello everyone... The past week the Underoath touring troop has been enthralled in these little electric bikes called "pukka" me and our
tour manager (Russell Hickman) proceeded to buy two of them from Tulsa four or five days ago. These little things are incredibly fast and quite dangerous,
yet still small enough to ride indoors.

So, yesterday I proceeded to ride mine inside of the venue in Wichita (you guys were incredible) which happened to have an incredibly slippery floor. I was trying to do some spin/skid type things if you will and ended up on the ground with the bike on top of me....

The moral is BE CAREFUL ON SMALL FAST MOTORIZED THINGS!!!!! As for you kids the last week has been a crazy surprise with all of you showing up to see our little band I am more than thankful.

God be with you all and love each other it is all we have.