"[I] think how much the neighborhood has changed in two weeks," says bassist Jeff James.

We finished Ann Arbor and headed for the border. We arrived about 5:30 AM and I had just fallen asleep. For whatever reason we were held in customs for about two hours so when I

woke up in Toronto for our filming of Lolita on MTV Canada I was slightly grumpy. The show, however, went off without a hitch and Diego and Kevin were really funny. Someone should

put it up on youtube.com. From what I saw, the interview and performance looked really good.

Canada Adventure continued to Montreal and, all in all, Canadians were really sweet. There is absolutely an anti-American sentiment sometimes. Maybe it was just me but we seemed to get weird service at restaurants, slow and slightly standoffish. We were lost at some point and we asked for directions and we got like four different answers. This way, that way, all over the place. Pretty funny. Me and my roomate have done that before in NYC but not out of nationalism, just out of comedy. For example, " you are gonna want to take a left at taint park", those directions don't exist but it is funny to say.

Anyway I could not hold it against them. Canada is a beautiful place and I feel bad for the ones who hate America because a lot of Americans are probably gonna move there because it is so clean and logical. What am I talking about? Just disregard what I just said I am really tired and emotional. Yeeeeeeessssshhhhhh.

So someone heard that if you have a football visible when you come back to America customs won't bother you. Crazy enough it worked. We sailed through and then had McDonalds.

How sick is that? I think I will call Mickey-D the embassy from now on. You know, you try to live your life with principle and morals and you end up in these situations that are so absurd. Hilarious really.

So back in the states we made it to Philly where it hailed and we ate cheesesteaks. Baltimore... at the Otto bar... and we can literally smell NYC. So we hightail it back to the city and arrive about 6 a.m. The adrenaline of being home kicked in and I ended up watching "American Idol," then "Lost," then "The Sopranos" and fell asleep at about 8:30.

Woke up at noon for soundcheck at Webster Hall. Start taking calls for the guestlist and get stressed out. Do a great interview with a German radio station a fellow named Christian. Walk back to my apartment and get a slice on the way. Think how much the neighborhood has changed in two weeks. It really has changed, incredible. Shower and then go back to Webster. Play what has to be the best NY show of our career then celebrate then sleep like a baby. Amen.