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Answers to readers' questions about the Sugababes, Mariah Carey and the Dixie Chicks' new single.


Hi Keith,

I was wondering if you had any information of the United States release of the Sugababes latest album "Taller in More Ways." I read on their official Web site that they had plans to release it in the U.S. later this year.

However, recent rumors of a forthcoming "Greatest Hits" collection have surfaced. Has Interscope released any information regarding the release of the single "Push the Button?" I figured it would make sense for the label to release it, seeing it has been an even bigger hit worldwide than "Hole in the Head," which was released here previously.


Craig Moore

Hi Craig,

Unfortunately, according to Island Records in the United Kingdom (Sugababes' label in their homeland), a U.S. release date for "Taller in More Ways" has not been finalized. Also, it hasn't been announced which American label will release the album so we can't assume Interscope will take on the group.

The trio, comprising Keisha Buchanan, Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah, has scored 11 top 10 singles in the U.K. Its latest album, "Taller in More Ways," debuted at No. 1 in the U.K. late last year. Their new single, "Follow Me Home," was released in the U.K. on June 5.

On June 17, they'll hit the road with the British group Take That for a string of dates on their stadium tour.

Sugababes are aiming to release a greatest hits compilation at the end of the year and then begin work on rheir fifth studio album.

For more information on the group, visit its official Web site at


Hello Keith,

I was wondering if you had any more news on Mariah Carey's upcoming tour, The Adventures of Mimi: the Voice, the Hits, the Tour, such as ticket prices, etc.?

Also, what kind of potential do you think this tour has? Will it be just another one of her flop tours or will this be one of the big tours of the year? Also, what are the stats of Mariah's past tours?

I had also heard that she has a new album in the works. Do you have any information on this? And lastly, where does Mariah's album sales stand in the U.S., as well as worldwide?

Thanks and have a great day!

Adam Holmes

Hello Adam,

Mariah Carey's tour, titled The Adventures of Mimi: the Voice, the Hits, the Tour, will kick off its North American leg on Aug. 5 in Miami at the American Airlines Arena. The trek is in support of "The Emancipation of Mimi," which was the biggest selling album of 2005 in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Ticket prices for the tour range from $15.50 to $300, depending on the venue and seat location. We found $15.50 tickets at the Pepsi Center in Denver for Sept. 18 and $300 seats at her Trump Taj Mahal date in Atlantic City, N.J., on Aug. 17. However, the majority of the tickets at most venues are priced somewhere in the range of $40 to $150.

The $300 tickets at the Taj Mahal are really out of the ordinary and are only priced that way because the venue is much smaller than the rest of the venues she's playing. The Taj Mahal arena's maximum capacity is 6,000, while the Pepsi Center in Denver can hold up to 15,000 to 20,000.

Since Carey had such a phenomenal year, it's likely that the tour could do very well. Historically, however, she hasn't been a huge draw. Her 2003 tour was scaled back from arenas to theaters after slow initial ticket sales. (According to Carey, the show was altered in order to give fans a more intimate experience.) The trek, dubbed An Intimate Evening With Mariah Carey, grossed $6 million from the 23 dates that were reported to Billboard. Only eight of the 23 shows were sell-outs. Box office information for several of the shows was not reported to Billboard.

Her previous outing, 2000's Rainbow Tour, grossed $7 million from the nine shows that were reported to Billboard. The trek was a one-night-only affair, and spent only a month in North America, playing arenas. All of the nine shows that were reported to Billboard were sell-outs.

Switching gears, we don't have any information about a new studio album in the works for Carey.

Since SoundScan began tracking sales data in early 1991, Carey has sold 49.1 million albums in the U.S. (including her "Glitter" soundtrack). That number is probably a little less than expected, only because her smash self-titled album was released in the summer of 1990, so a significant chunk of its sales are not accounted for in SoundScan's database.

As for worldwide sales, there isn't an independent firm that tabulates actual global sales. Generally, one has to rely on information provided by a record label (which can be trumped up) about the number of albums shipped to retail.



Could you please tell me what happened to the new Dixie Chicks single "Not Ready To Make Nice?" I saw that it had a solid debut ontThe Billboard Hot 100 not too long ago at No. 28 and the week after it had moved up (to No. 23). This week, I noticed the song has seemingly disappeared from the charts entirely (at least the top 50, anyway).

Has it descended so far already? I hear the song on the radio quite often at work. Also, did it make any impact on country radio whatsoever? I saw the video for the song on CMT a few times.

Thanks for your help and, as always, the exciting column!

Matt Walton
Palmyra, N.Y.

Hi Matt,

Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready To Make Nice" made a handsome debut on the Billboard Hot 100 following its release to digital retailers as a download. But, once the initial interest died down, the single slipped down the chart and eventually fell off. It then returned two weeks ago at No. 77 and then moved up to No. 39 on the June 10 chart. The sudden climb was caused by digital downloads of the song, again, once the album became available digitally.

On the Hot Country Songs chart, which is an audience-based radio chart that monitors U.S. country stations, the tune peaked at No. 36. Clearly, country radio stations took a pass on the single.

As for CMT, the channel played the music video for the song 12 times during the week ending May 28. Over on Great American Country (GAC), that network hasn't played it at all. Meanwhile, for the same time frame, VH1 aired it 22 times.

As for the Chicks' album, "Taking the Long Way," it debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 last week and ascended to No. 1 on Top Country Albums with 526,000 units, according to Nielsen SoundScan.