'X Factor''s Alex & Sierra Talk 'Say Something' Cover, Potential Future Collaborations

For "X Factor" contestants Alex & Sierra, appearing on the Billboard charts has been a longtime dream. Now, that dream could finally come true.

The duo, currently appearing on the U.S. singing competition's third season as finalists, is riding the high of their cover of A Great Big World's "Say Something," performed on the show last week. Upon its release, the version shot to No. 1 on the iTunes Singles chart, and after overall sales numbers are tallied, the song could debut somewhere on the Billboard charts this week.

"I drew him a picture once that just said 'Billboard' and taped it to his dorm room door and I forget what it said, something like he'll be on Billboard one day," Sierra Deaton, one-half of the duo, told Billboard at last weekend's Jingle Ball of the other half, Alex Kinsey. "So that's really cool."

Appearing on "X Factor" has been a life-changing experience for Deaton and Kinsey, who are dating. But according to Deaton, national attention has meant a heightened amount of work put in as well.

"Even when we're not in the studio we have to be practicing," she told Billboard on the red carpet of Los Angeles' annual Jingle Ball last weekend. "It's definitely more work than I thought it would be. You know when you watch the show you're like 'Oh, they do a song or two' but every single day, all day we're doing stuff. It's definitely fun, but it's a lot of work."

The duo is still in the fight on "X Factor" this season as of Dec. 9, with victory potentially within its grasp. But even so, Deaton and Kinsey are living in the moment rather than looking to the future -- though each has his and her own aspirations, especially concerning who to work with down the road.

"Honestly, right now we're just trying to get through next week," Kinsey said. "It's really tough to put any energy or emotion into anything but the task at hand because there's so much going on. But I don't know, dream album, I'd like to work with Jason Mraz but that's just my own personal thing."

"I think we'd mesh really well with Ed Sheeran, too," Deaton added.