After self-releasing its first album, recording the next and preparing to embark on a national tour, Chicago duo Duenow was struck with lingering illnesses, personal demons and, ultimately, reality.

California band Madrepore evokes extreme reactions in people, much to vocalist Kinski Gallo's delight. For every avid fan, Gallo says there are "people that just want to kill us."

The band's genre-hopping music keeps the listener guessing. One moment, the foursome revs up heavy rock guitars for "Pictures," and in the next, it delves into the sunny, Violent Femmes-inflected pop of "The Part of Me You've Thrown Away." The band even goes bilingual on Spanish gem "Animie (The Blues Armada)." All can be found on "Overblown," which JVC/Imperial Records is distributing in Japan, and Universal will handle for Scandinavia and Iceland.

The band released the album May 23, but it is still trying to hammer out a distribution deal for the United States. Madrepore will tour the United States and Scandinavia this summer.