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Answers to readers' questions about Kevin Federline, Madonna and "Rock Star: INXS."


Hey Keith!

I have a question regarding Kevin Federline. A few months ago, he released his debut single, "Popozao." Universally panned and ridiculed (by people like myself), the single did manage to generate a ton of publicity regarding him and his album. Do you have any idea how many copies the single sold (digitally and/or physically) and the current status of his album?


Christopher Yannuzzi
Lake Worth, Fla.

Hi Christopher,

So far, Kevin Federline's "Popozao" song has sold just over 3,000 digital downloads in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The tune was released to retailers in April.

So, while he may have generated a lot of publicity for the single, it didn't translate into that many purchases. However, since it was available to stream for free on many Web sites, perhaps most consumers got their K-Fed fix simply by listening to the song once, for free.

His debut album, "Playing With Fire," is due in August.


Hi Keith,

I've still got Madonna on the brain (I'm not that obsessed with her, really!), but here's my question. If you purchase the entire "Get Together" EP from the Apple iTunes Music Store for $5.94, does that count as five separate purchases for the single, along with one purchase for the bonus track "I Love New York," or does it only count as one single purchase for "Get Together?" I would assume the former but just want to make sure.

Guess I'm more obsessed with her than I want to be. Thanks as always. I appreciate it!

Mike Dreitzler
Columbus, Ohio

P.S. - I look at several personal charts online and am suddenly noticing "Jump" debuting on some writers' lists. Has it been released outside the U.S., or is it just a coincidence?

Hi Mike,

If you buy the entire "Get Together" EP at iTunes using the "Buy Album" button at the top of the page, it counts as one single purchase. Its sale goes towards our Hot Singles Sales chart and our Hot Dance Singles Sales chart (and of course, the Billboard Hot 100). You can compare it to buying the actual physical CD maxi single that you could buy in the "real world" at a store. (I know, that's a foreign concept to most people in America, since CD singles barely exist anymore in the U.S.)

However, if you opt to buy a solitary track from the EP on its own, it would count as one sale towards our Hot Digital Songs and Hot Digital Tracks charts. Either way you buy, all of the sales still count in the compilation of the Billboard Hot 100.

The CD maxi single of "Get Together" was released commercially on June 6. The week previous, on May 30, the digital equivalent was released to digital retailers.

Also on June 6, Warner Bros. released another digital EP for "Get Together" with the same songs, but with shortened "edit" versions.

Regarding "Jump," it is not a single anywhere right now. "Get Together" is the third worldwide single from "Confessions on a Dance Floor."



O.K., I have a two-part question.

How exactly does Billboard count digitally downloaded tracks? If the whole album is downloaded, does each track count as one unit sold or does it only count as one album sold?

Chris Daughtry had the highest debut two weeks ago on the Billboard Hot 100 ("Wanted Dead or Alive" from "American Idol Season 5: The Encores"). Who had the highest track sales from any "Rock Star: INXS" album (not including the INXS' own "Switch")?


Jack Parsons Jr
Bronx, N.Y.

Hi Jack,

If you buy a whole album at one time (for example, using the "Buy Album" button on iTunes), it counts as one album sold. If a consumer buys one or multiple tracks from an album separately, those count as a "track purchase."

Chris Daughtry's cover of "Wanted Dead or Alive" was indeed the Hot Shot Debut on The Billboard Hot 100 on June 10. The song, powered by its digital track sales, entered at No. 43. Last week, it slipped to No. 52.

On June 10, "Wanted" debuted on Hot Digital Songs with 27,000 digital downloads. The following week, it sold 22,000 and moved to No. 29.

Chalk up Daughtry's fervent fanbase and their downloads for his handsome chart action on the Billboard Hot 100. Though the Hot 100 ranks titles by blending radio airplay and sales data, his large download sales are what got him onto the chart.

"Wanted Dead or Alive" is by the far the most popular download from the "American Idol Season 5: Encores" album. So far, it has sold 49,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The runner-up is Taylor Hicks' "Takin' It to the Streets" with 28,000. The least popular? Kevin Covais' "When I Fall in Love" with nearly 2,000 downloads.

Switching gears to your "Rock Star: INXS" question. The most downloaded track from the "Rock Star: A Night At the Mayan" compilation album is Jordis Unga's "The Man Who Sold the World" with 5,000 downloads.