Underground Garage

Little Steven's Underground Garage column, produced exclusively for Billboard. The charts are a combination of airplay from the Underground Garage format and coolness.

Welcome, all ye garage-a-holics -- 'tis I, King of the Freaks!

The Maggots have written me a theme song. How nicely Swedish of them. "Monkey Time!" is their fourth outing (screaming-apple.de), and we're digging the new Farfisa organ player. If they keep tearing it up live, it's going to be "Maggot Time" soon.

Big news—possible Kinks reunion! The battling Davies brothers may be sheathing their swords. In the proud tradition of the Everlys and carried on by the Gallaghers, Ray and Dave have been trying to kill each other for the last 50 years or so. But ever since Dave's stroke in '04, they've been getting along much better. Ray told me when it first happened Dave was freaking him out because they weren't arguing at all. Then one day, they had a nice, old-time fight, and he knew Dave would make it. Dave's out supporting "Bug," and Ray is still finishing up "Other People's Lives," and then they'll talk.

Injury List: Add Nick O'Malley, new bass player for Arctic Monkeys. One week after replacing Andy Nicolson, O'Malley broke his hand. The roadie that threw him over a wall as a prank was reportedly remorseless—oh, those English kids. He'll tour in plaster. O'Malley, not the roadie.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts' "Sinner" is loaded with hits, so we'll help you out. Our favorites are "Everyone Knows," "Turn It Around," "A Hundred Feet Away" and "Bad Time." Then there's a great cover of Sweet's "A.C.D.C." "Change the World" is very cool, too. And don't forget "Naked" and "Baby Blue." This album is a problem for single pickers. It's out, go get it.

1. "King of the Freaks," the Maggots
2. "If It Takes a Lifetime," Cheap Trick
3. "After the Garden," Neil Young
4. "Are You Ready For It?" the Holograms
5. "Everyone Knows," Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
6. "Nothing Terribly New," the Hellacopters
7. "Hands," the Raconteurs
8. "World Wide Suicide," Pearl Jam
9. "Steady, As She Goes," the Raconteurs
10. "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor," Arctic Monkeys

1. "Pearl Jam," Pearl Jam
2. "Broken Boy Soldiers," the Raconteurs
3. "Living With War," Neil Young
4. "First Impressions of Earth," the Strokes
5. "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not," Arctic Monkeys
6. "Show Your Bones," Yeah Yeah Yeahs
7. "Vision Valley," the Vines
8. "Rock & Roll Is Dead," the Hellacopters
9. "Flat-Pack Philosophy," Buzzcocks
10. "Monkey Time," the Maggots