Accounts of Morrissey's Homosexual Relationship Edited Out of U.S. Autobiography Release


Morrissey shows his autobiography during a presentation in Goteborg, Sweden on October 17, 2013.

Morrissey's aptly-named "Autobiography" makes its debut stateside this week, albeit with one hitch: deemphasizing his reported relationship with photographer Jake Owens Walters.

The book, published in the U.S. by G.T. Putnam's Sons, removes a photograph of Walters from the original autobiography -- in fact, it takes out Walters' name completely in an account of a night with the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde, SPIN reports via WENN.

The two-year relationship with Walters reportedly led Morrissey to dub himself "humasexual" -- or "attracted to humans," he said in a statement.

The relationship was originally revealed after the book's initial publication in the U.K., though the rocker didn't specify explicitly whether or not they were lovers.

"Autobiography" was released Tuesday (Dec. 3) in the United States.