Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn sees a seance in his near future.

good morning....somewhere near witchitahhhhh... flat... cows... head hurts... didn't drink last nite... just hurtz... must be the speaker i crashed into whilst jumping off the stage 3 nites ago. yes..thats the culprit.

it's fine to be back on a bus. i've missed the movement.

belize city boil-up music is blasting. more cows.

there was a nice person in austin, texas last night... gave me wonderwoman refrigerator magnet. in exchange i gave them a ticket to the show. malcolm cross sure makes a good cup of tea. PG tips... with milk. so nice. never been a tea person before. now i get it. tea time... all the time.

i will be in lawrence, kan., in an hour or so. there's a haunted hotel there...the eldridge. i'm gonna bring my infrared camera and hold a seance. i love haunted places. i love bloody marys too. i will have one while the seance happens. if memory serves, they make good ones at the eldridge bar..... perhaps the ghost of good ole charlie robinson will tap me on the shoulder and say... "hi pete... may i have some of your bloody mary?" of course... i shall say... " yes... take it all... cos i can get another." ...i wonder if they have bloody marys in the afterlife. i'll let you know how that goes.