Kanye West, Selena Gomez Among Artists in 30 Seconds to Mars' 'City of Angels': Watch

Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan, James Franco and Selena Gomez are among the famous faces waxing poetic about Los Angeles in "City of Angels," a 10-minute short directed by 30 Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto.

With clips spliced between performance shots of the band, Hollywood icons -- including Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe impersonators -- weigh the pros and cons of living in L.A. and recall their own journeys to the storied city.

"The city of angels is where I was able to find myself again, the real me," Lohan says to the camera. Adds Leto: "I wouldn't have anything if it wasn't for the city."

West acknowledges conflicted feelings about L.A., where his mother died and his daughter was born. "The city took my mother, but the city also gave me my child," he says.

Olivia Wilde, Ashley Olsen, Lily Collins, Juliette Lewis, Alan Cumming, Shaun White and Corey Feldman are also among the stars appearing in the simplistic short.

Recalling her first impressions the city, Wilde dreamily says: "I thought it was the most magical place I'd ever been. It's the promised land."

30 Seconds To Mars fans were treated to an early showing of the documentary short at the band's Hollywood Bowl show earlier this month.

"City Of Angels is a short film about this wild, weird, and wonderful land, Los Angeles, California. A place that has left its mark on the world's imagination and a place where dreams can actually come true," Leto said in a statement. "I made this short film so I could share my thoughts on this incredibly special place and talk to others about theirs. It's not so much about this particular city but more about the people who inhabit it. This is for the dreamers who know that sometimes the impossible is indeed possible."

"City of Angels," the song, is the second single off 30 Seconds To Mars' fourth album, "LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS." Leto, currently on tour with his band, will also hit the big screen on Friday opposite Matthew McConaughey in "The Dallas Buyers Club." An acoustic version of "City of Angels" is featured on the film's soundtrack.

Watch the full video below.

This article originally appeared on THR.com.