Five 'Yeezus' Outtakes Could See Releases Soon, Kanye West Says

Kanye West has teased possible "Yeezus" outtakes -- even performing an unreleased track, "I Am Not Here," during his tour behind the chart-topping album. Now, according to a recent radio interview, the rapper says that a few outtakes from the "Yeezus" sessions could be released before the end of the year.

In an interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106 FM, West revealed that as many as five songs from the recording session might come out before 2013 is over. The interviewer asks Kanye about music that he decides not to put out, or "delete," prompting the rapper to reveal that "like five songs didn't make it on 'Yeezus' that we might put out before the end of this year."

This wouldn't be the first time "Yeezus" outtakes have been mentioned; in an interview with the Daily Beast, producer Rick Rubin noted that he originally thought there would be 16 songs on the album. The tracklist of "Yeezus" ended up only 10 songs strong.

The two-hour interview also included talk of Kanye's marriage proposal to Kim Kardashian, saying that it took so long for the couple to get engaged because he "had to get the ring right," as well as a declaration of love for his song "Can't Tell Me Nothing," which he believes could still be a hit even if he released it today.
 He's also apparently considering fighter jets in some capacity for his wedding, so there's that.

Check out the full interview, recorded via Livestream, below.