Bullet for My Valentine: Next Album Will Be 'Completely Different' Than Angry 'Temper'

James Hacker

Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet for My Valentine drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas says there's a reason the British heavy rock group's latest album "Temper Temper" is "more of an angry record."

"I think it was what was happening within the band at the time. People weren't getting along with other people and Matt (Tuck, BFMV's frontman and lyricist) put his frustration into words," Thomas tells Billboard. The drummer adds that the issues had been growing in the group for some time. "We've been doing this now for over 10 years. I think it was too much alcohol, too much of everything. We weren't talking to each other. There was no venting of our anger. So things came to a head." 

The solution, he says, was good, old-fashioned communication.

"We just all sat in a room, basically, and had it out with each other, and now everything's in a good place," Thomas recalls. "There was a real relief we all had after that. It was nice to all be back to being friends again. And (the meetings) have happened a few times, now. We've been doing it more regularly. I think it's good for a band do to do that. It's kind of like a marriage where you have to sit down and talk from time to time and get things sorted out." 

But, he cautions, no one should envision Metallica-like shrink sessions for BFMV. 

"We're not nearly as big as they are," Thomas says with a laugh. "They're massive. So if we get into it like we did, they must get it 10 times' worth."

Thomas says that "Temper Temper" -- which debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 in February and has launched the singles "P.O.W.," "Breaking Point" and the title track -- also represents "a stripped-down Bullet For My Valentine" after 2010's more heavyweight and heavily produced "Fever." 

"We didn't want to write another metal record," he explains, "so we thought, 'Well, what's the opposite of writing a metal-y record. So we decided to write this" album. But, Thomas adds, BFMV has "already started writing for the next album, which is completely different from 'Temper Temper.'"

"It's definitely more of a step towards our first two records," Thomas says. "We always like to keep changing our records and our sounds and stuff. I think you have to change, otherwise it gets boring for us and the fans get bored. Look at all the great bands through rock history; they changed on all their albums -- especially Metallica. Their albums have always changed, and they're the biggest metal band ever. So we just want to keep changing and get to another level each time out."

BFMV frontman Tuck recently said the group plans to hit the studio back in England after its current North American tour wraps up Nov. 3 and before U.K. dates begin on Dec. 1. He said the group would be working with producer Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones, Linkin Park) after making "Temper Temper" and "Fever" with Don Gilmore.