Selena Gomez Falls Off Stage During Concert in Virginia: Watch

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez had an un-choreographed moment in one of her recent concerts.

During her Oct. 10 show in Fairfax, Va., the singer was so into her performance of "Slow Down" that she didn't realize she was too close to the front of the stage. She ended up falling off the stage while jumping up and down -- wearing, it should be noted, high-heeled boots.

Fortunately for Gomez, it wasn't a long drop. She immediately got up, shook a few fans' hands and, with the help of a dancer, returned to her performance on stage.

Gomez is in the midst of her "Stars Dance" tour, which next hits Buffalo, N.Y.

Watch the video below -- she slips at 3:25: