Lady Gaga Reveals Second 'ARTPOP' Single, 'Venus'

Inez & Vinoodh

Lady Gaga

Presenting your new Lady Gaga single: "Venus."

Lady Gaga took to Twitter Thursday evening (Oct. 10), promising her fans that once they were able to correctly guess her next single by getting it trending on Twitter, she would reveal the successor to "Applause."


 After a few incorrect stabs at the answer (it's not "Gypsy," "Manicure" or "Donatella"), Little Monsters got #VENUS trending a little before 7:30 p.m. EST, prompting Gaga to end the game with an official announcement.

The song title is likely a reference to "The Birth of Venus," a famous painting from the Italian artist Botticelli. The piece of art is featured, albeit in pieces, behind Gaga on the "ARTPOP" album cover.

According to the popstar, "Venus" will see an Oct. 27 official release. Hashtags following Gaga's tweet could be hints toward the song's lyrics.


The new single announcement follows the reveal of "ARTPOP"'s tracklist, as well as a lyric video for the song "Aura." On her Twitter, Gaga also announced the first 500,000 physical copies of the record will feature hot pink and silver foil, apparently representing the original album art design by artist Jeff Koons.