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Lennon Channels Breakup Through Sophomore Album

Sean Lennon has some weighty topics on his mind on "Friendly Fire," his first solo album in eight years.

Sean Lennon has some weighty topics on his mind on "Friendly Fire," his first solo album in eight years. As previously reported, the set is due Sept. 26 via Capitol and will be bundled with short films for each of its 10 tracks.

"Basically, all the songs are pretty recent. They're all about my relationship with my ex-girlfriend and its demise, and also my best friend having had an affair with her," Lennon tells "It was kind of beautiful to write about it."

Lennon says he has written "hundreds" of songs since the release of his 1998 debut, "Into the Sun," but had no interest in simply putting out highlights from his archives for the new project. "I am most interested in what I'm doing at that moment, so this is definitely a more contemporary version of myself," he says.

The sessions also brought Lennon closer to longtime friend Harper Simon (son of Paul), who was the main guitarist on the project. "He's been my friend since we were kids," Lennon says. "In the last couple of years, we discovered that playing together was also cool. He's a very talented guy." Lennon returned the favor by playing bass and piano on Simon's own album, a release date for which has yet to be announced.

Assembling the visual complement to "Friendly Fire" allowed Lennon to "structure the release of my record in a way I believe makes sense with what the media is today," he says. "In terms of the technology of it all, making a multimedia album seems to make the most sense to me."

Among the actors appearing in the clips are Bijou Phillips, Lindsay Lohan, Carrie Fisher, Asia Argento and Jordana Brewster, among others. A trailer for the film can be viewed from Capitol's Lennon Web site.

Lennon plans to play shows in support of "Friendly Fire" but cautions, "I like to do things that are proportional to the demand. It's not like there's a big giant hammer I'm waiting to hit people over the head with to try to get them to like me. If people want me to play, I'll definitely play."

The artist will also be heard on the debut album from Weezer guitarist Brian Bell's new band, the name of which is still under wraps. "I've always been a huge fan of Weezer, but I didn't realize what a great songwriter Brian is," Lennon says. "I don't know when that record is coming out but it's super cool. I hope I get a chance to tour with him."