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Answers to readers' questions about Savage Garden's Darren Hayes, Danity Kane and City High.


Dear Keith,

First of all, I love your column. Thank you for answering my Mandy Moore question! Now I was wondering what was going on with Darren Hayes.

I am a big fan of his solo work and his work with Savage Garden. I think it was a shame his second solo album "The Tension and the Spark" wasn't released in the U.S. (thank God for imports!). I heard he recently married his boyfriend and it made me wonder what he was up to with his music career. Any help would be great -- I'm a huge fan of his.

Also I would love to know his sales stats.

Thanks again! You are the best!

Joe Menna

Hi Joe,

Earlier this year, Darren Hayes' official Web site announced that the singer and his record label (Columbia/Sony) had parted ways. He's currently working on a new studio album, due in 2007 on an as-yet-unannounced record label.

Hayes' lone U.S. album, "Spin," has sold 118,000 in America since its release in 2002. His second set, "The Tension and the Spark," was not issued in the U.S.

As part of the duo Savage Garden (along with Daniel Jones), the act released two studio efforts: "Savage Garden" and "Affirmation." The former has sold 5.2 million while "Affirmation" has moved 2.8 million. In early 2006, Columbia dropped the compilation "Truly Madly Completely -- The Best of Savage Garden." It has sold a meager 31,000 in America.


Hey Keith!

I've become quite interested in the group Danity Kane. I've been following their career on "Making the Band 3" on MTV. My question has to do with their single "Show Stopper." What is the official add date for this single on radio stations? I've been calling my local radio stations [to request them to play the song] to no avail. Many stations have said they don't have the single yet, while others have [said they] have it and refuse to air it.

Danity Kane's fans are frustrated and we want to be able to request them and see them succeed. Is there anything we can do to actually get radio stations to play them?

Thank you,

David Baez
Morton Grove, Ill.

Hi David,

Danity Kane's single "Show Stopper" arrived at radio stations earlier this month. The music video for the song premiered Aug. 4 on MTV.

So far though, it looks like radio stations are taking a pass on "Show Stopper." For the week ending Aug. 13, no outlet had played the song more than seven times during the week. The most plays it registered was with KXJM in Las Vegas (7 spins).

Naturally, at MTV, the video is getting a lot of airtime. It got 15 plays during the week and was the ninth most-played on the channel.

As far as how to get radio stations to play the song –- good luck. Stations will only play what they feel the majority of their audience wants to hear based on lots of research. Even if you have a fan club constantly calling up a station asking them to play a song, it usually doesn't translate to any real success.

The group's debut album drops Aug. 22.


Hi Keith,

I was wondering if you had any idea what the members of City High are up to and if they are ever going to release a second album. There are lots of rumors all over the Internet about solo albums, but I can't seem to find anything definite.

Please let me know!

Jason Eckenrod
Gainesville, Fla.

Hi Jason,

In the Billboard magazine dated May 20, our R&B editor Gail Mitchell wrote about this very topic.

The trio -- made up of Ryan Toby, Robby Pardio and Claudette Ortiz -- disbanded after its self-titled platinum album. Toby went on to pen tracks for Usher, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J and Bobby Valentino. On top of that, he and Ortiz married.

The couple founded Overflow Entertainment and Toby released his solo debut, "Soul of a Songwriter," in July.


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