Brandon Boyd Talks New Band Sons of the Sea, Future of Incubus: Watch

Jatnna Nunez

Brandon Boyd visits the Billboard studios in New York City.

"It's definitely a different trip to be traveling around, taking to people, and doing events about projects that are not Incubus-related"

Brandon Boyd is living the life of an independent artist and reaping its rewards. Given some time off from Incubus, the long-running alt rock band that made him famous, he's spent recent months promoting his third book, "So The Echo" (a compilation of  writings, photos, and drawings) and a new musical project called Sons of the Sea, a collaboration with frequent Incubus producer Brendan O'Brien.

Brandon Boyd: Billboard Session Photos

Back in July, Sons of the Sea debuted a behind-the-scenes video with Billboard to help introduce the project. Now, Boyd goes more in-depth, chatting about the making of the album, his pop ambitions, and his plans for Incubus in the near future.

Boyd describes his studio time with O'Brien as "very much like a work day," complete with all-important cups of coffee. Those sessions birthed Sons of the Sea's debut album, a collection of vibrant, studio-friendly songs Boyd calls more pop-influenced than anything Incubus ever recorded. It's the sound of an artist getting some well-earned creative freedom and exploring unmapped territory, albeit with a familiar companion.

O'Brien produced the last three Incubus albums, including 2011's "If Not Now, When?," which satisfied the band's long-running contract with Sony. Free from obligation, the band members felt the time was right to pursue outside projects, and Boyd assures when Incubus does reconvene, it will be for the best reasons.  

Check out the interview for further updates on Boyd's plans for a future Incubus tour, as well as his hopes to take Sons of the Sea on the road for the first time.