Underground Garage

Little Steven's Underground Garage column, produced exclusively for Billboard. The charts are a combination of airplay from the Underground Garage format and coolness.

Wanna have some fun?

Tune in to intheattic.tv for Rachel Fuller's Internet TV show. Fuller is a very talented singer/songwriter ("Cigarettes and Housework" on Universal) whose studio at the moment is a bus following the Who tour. Rumors of a sinful and lascivious relationship with the band's guitar player could be the reason but you didn't hear it from me.

Try the Baltimore episode where Pete Townshend jams acoustically with the Flaming Lips (on "Baba O'Riley") and the Raconteurs ("The Seeker").

And by the way, the Who has its own channel on Sirius Satellite Radio (channel 10), and the band is going to be very involved with it.

We are back to the Medway Delta for our Coolest Song, the county that gave us the Len Price 3, one of the best English bands like, ever, who you can hear in the new Old Navy ad (the one with the dog caught on the washline), or on the group's excellent "Chinese Burn" album.

The Stabalisers' first proper album will be out in a month or two and is called "Wanna Do the Wild Plastic Brane Love Thing?" It's a hit already.

Very happy to hear original Beach Boy Al Jardine will be joining Brian Wilson for four performances of "Pet Sounds" starting Nov. 17 in Boston. The other dates are Washington, D.C. (Nov. 18), Glenside, Pa. (19) and New York (21).

Mike Love, the only other original Beach Boy still around and the one who has toured the most using the Beach Boys name just tried to sue Jardine for sole use of the name and the judge wisely threw it out. Love needs to go back to his old cool and spiritual self and live up to his own name. Disrespecting Jardine is very uncool and taints the magnificent legacy of the Beach Boys.

Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye will close CBGB on Oct. 15. Stay tuned. See you next week.

1. "Wanna" The Stabilisers
2. "Never Gonna Die," The Shys
3. "Pink Cadillac," Jerry Lee Lewis With Bruce Springsteen
4. "It's Not About What I Want (It's What You Got)," the Woggles
5. "Punkrocker," Teddybears
6. "Zeno Beach," Radio Birdman
7. "Dolls," Primal Scream
8. "Hot Girls in Good Moods," Butch Walker & the Let's Go Out Tonites
9. "Your Love, Now," Th' Losing Streaks
10. "Dance Like a Monkey," New York Dolls

1. "Last Man Standing," Jerry Lee Lewis
2. "Riot City Blues," Primal Scream
3. "Broken Boy Soldiers," the Raconteurs
4. "Rockford," Cheap Trick
5. "The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker & the Let's Go Out Tonites," Butch Walker & the Let's Go Out Tonites
6. "One Day It Will PLease Us To Remember Even This," New York Dolls
7. "Waterloo to Anywhere," Dirty Pretty Things
8. "Sinner," Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
9. "Zeno Beach," Radio Birdman
10. "Astoria," the Shys