Twerk Nation: Big Freedia to Set Guinness Record, Juicy J Giving Scholarship

Jatnna Nunez

Big Freedia performs at AfroPunk Festival 2013 in Brooklyn, NY.

Juicy J will offer $50,000 to the woman who twerks the best, while Big Freedia will set the world record for biggest twerk session.

When it comes to twerking, we've only just begun.

The dance style, long a staple of Southern hip-hop, has made its way onto everyone's lips in recent months, but the craze is about to get bigger.

Miley Cyrus brought it to a national audience at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, prompting days of criticism, trending topics and booty-shaking GIFs, but twerking's even bigger than "#Bangerz." It's bounced its way over important world news, reportedly notching mentions in over 775,000 tweets this summer while 1/10 as many referenced Syria. It's taken over YouTube and late-night, with Jimmy Kimmel revealing the "Worst Twerk Fail EVER" video was his show's hoax, taped with a professional stuntwoman. The video scored over 9 million views, with the reveal getting over 15 million.

The twerking party's gotten so hot even the Oxford Dictionary Online doesn't want to be left out, adding "twerking" to the dictionary. And college-bound women should study up: Juicy J, who praised twerking in 2012's "Bandz a Make Her Dance," is offering a scholarship to "the best chick who can twerk." To earn the $50,000 scholarship, Juicy J fans must upload YouTube videos of themselves twerking to the rapper's track "Scholarship." (No need to include grades.) If Miley decides to head back to school, she'll be eligible: the scholarship's being offered to women age 18-25 current in college or university.

Finally, Big Freedia's ready to defend her title as Queen of Bounce, with a special event host by Fuse: "Record Breaking Booty Shaking: Break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Twerk Record with Big Freedia," set for Manhattan's Herald Square on Sept. 25. For a thunderous two minutes, over 250 dancers will bust their best moves between Big Freedia songs. Can a record this crucial be broken? Only time will tell. As R. Kelly once said: bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.