Ricky Gervais to Play Live Gigs As 'Office' Character David Brent

Get ready to hop on the "Free Love Freeway"

Fans of the British (original) take on "The Office" will get to see one of the show's funniest moments come to life. Ricky Gervais, who played the socially inept, bumbling boss David Brent, announced via Twitter that he's going to be reprising his character for "a couple of very cheap, very low key" live performances with the fictional (now real life) band from the show, Foregone Conclusion.

On the show, which ran on BBC from 2001 to 2003 (and inspired the successful American spinoff), Gervais' character was regional manager at a paper company who moonlighted as a ham-fisted singer-songwriter with a thing for balladry. Here's the episode where he debuted his trademark song "Free Love Freeway":

According to BBC, he has actually received a number of offers from major record labels to record an album in character.

Oddly enough, Gervais has a real life musical backstory as well. While in college, he fronted a new wave duo called Seona Dancing, who recorded a pair of singles in 1983. Although both flopped on the U.K. charts, one of them, titled "More to Lose" (listen below), went on to become a sizable radio hit in the Philippines in 1985.

Recently, he took to YouTube with a series of videos titled "Learn Guitar With David Brent" in which he gives the backstory on "Free Love Freeway" and other "hits" and teaches viewers how to play them.

Gervais has also been busy hyping his new comedy series "Derek," which debuted exclusively on Netflix Sept. 12.