Laura Bell Bundy Puts Hip-Hop Spin on 'Two Step'

The "Anger Mangagement" actress melds country and dance music with her new single. "I think what's happening is that dance music is coming back in popular culture, and it's bleeding into country music"

Laura Bell Bundy is quite the multi-media personality these days. The Kentucky native co-stars alongside of Charlie Sheen in the FX sitcom "Anger Management," and has just released a brand new single, "Two Step." She says the song has re-lit her creative fire musically. 

"That song has been the inspiration for a new project. It was essentially a dance track -- a country song written over a dance track, so it has the groove. Then, we wrote the structure of the country song over the acoustic instruments. The point was it's two-step, but not your traditional two-step. So, it's not the kind of two step where you have to wait for someone to ask you to do it. Typically, a girl will sit around and the only way she'll two step is if a guy asks her – if he gets up the nerve. This way, they don't have to feel embarrassed and can just get out there." 

Her goal was also to bring the two-step into the 2010s.  "I wanted to put a more modern spin it," she told Billboard. "There's a lot of 'Teach Me How To Dougie,' ‘The Cupid Slide,' or the ‘Wobble,' and a lot of dance things going on in the clubs." 

After peaking in the mid to late 1990s, it seems that there is an underflow of country music-related activity going on in the dance clubs these days. Bundy offers her thoughts on the reason. "I think one of the reasons is people who love country music have a lot of access to other music now. They can go online, go to YouTube, and see any artist they want to see in the world. Most people who love country music also listen to other kinds of music. It's the people who love pop and hip hop that don't typically venture into country music. So, I think what's happening is that dance music is coming back in popular culture, and it's bleeding into country music."

She also thinks that the fact that many of the top songs in the format are beat and groove-inspired might be helping dance sounds make a comeback in the format. "With Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Florida Georgia Line, there's a hip hop influence, and I think it's because this generation of country singers grew up in a time after 'Rapper's Delight' came out. So, when they go to write a song, it's what they're familiar with."

Bundy has released a video for the song, which some have said includes a little bit of 'twerking.' Filmed weeks before the MTV Video Music Awards, Bundy says there may be – but she doesn't consider herself an expert on the style. "There is a dance in there that is a booty shakin' move, which could be my attempt at twerking, but I'm really not pulling it off," she admits. "I can't get my booty to jiggle like that. I have tried to twerk. I can't. I have friends that can. I can't. By the time I learn it, it will be so past the point of when twerking was in." 

The song and video features a cameo from a frequent collaborator of Bundy's, Colt Ford. She has nothing but high praise for Ford, saying "Colt is awesome. We became friends, and met out on the road, and exchanged information. I had just completed doing the demo of 'Two Step.' I said I had this song, and I need a rap on it. It really lends itself to having that. So, I sent it to him, and he went into his home studio, did the rap, and sent it back. Then, I asked him to be in the video. He's just awesome."