Huey Lewis Talks 'Sports' at 30: Classic Track-By-Track Video

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Watch Lewis share his memories of making the chart-topping "Sports," which turns 30 this weekend.

Huey Lewis & the News' "Sports" turns 30 years old on Sunday, and Lewis himself sat down with Billboard to reminisce about making the band's chart-topping album.

"With 'Sports,' we aimed all the songs to be hit singles," Lewis said. "They're all aimed at radio."

The album, the band's third, did launch plenty of tracks onto the Hot 100, notching four top 10 hits.

One, "The Heart of Rock & Roll," was written after a trip to Cleveland that impressed the San Francisco band.

"The idea being that, the music business is in New York and L.A., good rock & roll is where you find it," Lewis says.

The song "I Want a New Drug," he adds, is a "perfect example" of the band's style, which combined then-modern elements such as drum machines with the throwback sounds of saxophones and harmonicas.

"It's marrying those two things, real people, real voices, and technology… it was the blending of the men and machines," Lewis says.

Watch Lewis' full track-by-track interview above.