MXMS, 'omg': Exclusive Song Premiere From Jeremy Dawson's New Project


The Shiny Toy Guns co-founder unveils a new "funeral pop" duo with Ariel Levitan

Jeremy Dawson has unveiled an intriguing new "funeral pop" project dubbed MXMS (pronounced "Me and My Shadow") that he formed with Ariel Levitan. Check out "omg," the first official track from MXMS, premiering exclusively on

After working with Chad Petree on Shiny Toy Guns, Hybridigital and Mirror Machines, Dawson linked up with Levitan in Los Angeles this summer after showing her a collection of songs and journal entries that touched upon battles with addiction and the death of his parents. Twelve hours after Dawson wrote the lyrics to "omg," he realized that Levitan was the perfect voice for his words, and MXMS was formed.

"I showed her the lyric and she said, 'These lyrics are me,'" Dawson tells Billboard. "She started singing, and in 30 minutes the song was done. And then we wrote another, and another. There was such instant synchronicity -- our journals even mirrored each other."

MXMS will perform its first show ever tonight (Sept. 13) at the Asher Levine fashion show at Fashion Week, but the duo does not have any long-term release plans. "We're talking to some producers and directors in the Scandinavian underground film world about scoring some movies. We’re really excited about that," says Dawson.

Levitan adds, "We don't have a manager, or an agent, or a record label.  It's like the ultimate fake ID. We go til' we get caught."

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