Shadows Of Knight

Those of us in the band from NYC had our usual debate over New York pizza versus Chicago style pizza.

I can't believe that we are almost half way through our tour already, and this is the first chance that we have had to say hello. Let me first say that we have the an incredible crew on the road with us.

They work hard yet have a fun loving spirit. Tige, our FOH "soundgirl"... that's right soundgirl... is a sonic artiste behind the console with an award-winning smile. Jeff and Scott take care of our guitars and backline. These two magicians have taken the logistical complexity of the Rolling Rock and Roll Show, and simply made it disappear. I am getting to love mornings on this tour, as we get have coffee with Go-Go Girls, Whitney and Tara. The only mystery to me, is how they can get off the tour bus after an overnight drive and still look like they came off the cover of Vogue! They are gifted dancers. We have a blast when we perrform "Shake!" flanked by the Go-Go-Girls... its a "must see".

Chicago was a shindig. Jimy had to have a signature Chicago style hot dog as soon as the bus doors opened. Those of us in the band from NYC had our usual debate over New York pizza versus Chicago style pizza. There was no doubt why they call Chicago the "windy city", but a blustery night couldn't keep the SOK fans away.

The original home of the Shadows of Knight, we were thrilled to see so many old friends. Chip from Enuff Z'nuff
was drooling over my custom Fender pink paisley bass that I am sporting on this tour. I also flaunted my backup bass, a red sparkle, hollow body teardrop, designed and built by Phantom Guitars founder Jack Charles. Jack was the guitarist in the eighties hit band Quarterflash.

I have had an endorsement with Phantom guitarworks since my work with Hermans Hermits (with Peter Noone). Anyway, back to Chicago... raw energy radiated through the Double Door, and all the bands were turbo charged. Jimmy Rogers of the Mauds and members of the Cryin' Shames and were just a few of the Chitown celebs spotted in the audience grooving to the SOK set. Its was a memorable night.

Twenty one inches of snow in Buffalo yesterday ... yikes... obviously the show has been cancelled. We were really looking forward to the show at the Towne Ballroom. We had fans and relatives from as far as
Syracuse planning on coming to the show. C'est la vie.
If you have seen any of the shows or would like contact members of the SOK band, email us at

Everyone from The Shadows of Knight sends their best to everyone, and we'll be back to you soon !