Night Ranger and Loverboy Workin' to Unleash New Music Next Year

Night Ranger
Night Ranger (Photo: Ross Pelton)

A pair of the 80s most successful mainstream rock acts, Night Ranger and Loverboy, are planning to add to their legacies with new material in the coming year.

Night Ranger singer-bassist Jack Blades tells Billboard that his band is "about 12 songs into a new album," which will follow 2011's "Somewhere in California." But, he adds, "We don't feel we're there yet. We were going to release a record in the fall but we pushed it off to the spring of next year so get back in (to the studio) and write about seven or eight more songs and get what we feel is the best mix." Night Ranger is working with Anthony Focx, who was also part of the "Somewhere in California" team, as well as old friend Toby Wright (Alice in Chains, Korn, Ozzy Osbourne). The new material, Blades says, is "pretty rockin'. There's a lot of slamming stuff." 

And, he adds, Night Ranger is open to working with other writers on its next batch of songs. "We haven't sat down with anybody else at this point," he says, "but we're always open to anything. We don't care where it comes from, just as long as we can make it sound like Night Ranger."

Loverboy frontman Mike Reno, meanwhile, tells Billboard the group has accumulated 16 songs so far -- some of which come from previously unreleased material the Canadian band found in its vaults. 

"The last couple of years we took all of our two-inch tapes, from the very beginning, and loaded them to the digital format," Reno explains. "We're listening to this stuff and Paul (Dean, Loverboy's guitarist) and we realized we're sitting on all these beautiful songs. Half of them are already recorded, maybe semi-mixed; they got lost in the shuffle back then or had to be cut, and you move on and forget about it. But we're really excited. It's the kind of stuff that, if you like 'Workin' For the Weekend' and 'Turn Me Loose,' you're gonna love some of this shit. We took a bunch of those songs and started to mix them and make them sound nice, so that's a big chunk of (the album)."

On top of that Reno says Loverboy has six brand new songs. "Between all that it's like this really fun package of retro-sounding stuff with kind of a twist, 'cause we're mixing it now rather than like we did in the old days, and then there's the new stuff," he says. "It's this really cool package, which is exciting."

But Reno says Loverboy hasn't determined how it's going to put the new material out yet. 

"To be honest, we don't know what to do with it anymore," he says. "Do you give it away? Put it on the web site for free? Offer it on iTunes. There's no big deals anymore. In the old days we'd put a record out and people would buy it. Not anymore. You say to yourself 'What's the point?,' but as artists and musicians we like to do stuff that's fresh and new, whether people buy it or not. We're doing it for ourselves, which is always basically the way we do everything, but I think people will really like this stuff if they get a chance to hear it."