San Cisco Studio Session: Watch Two Performances and Q&A

Jatnna Nunez
San Cisco stops by our NYC studio.

San Cisco stopped by Billboard's studio and filled it with fresh air and jangly pop hooks.  Not a single member of the Australian quartet is yet 21, and their songs are full of the youthful enthusiasm you'd hope to hear from a band who are almost adults, but not quite grown up yet.

Watch Billboard's interview with San Cisco below:

Vocalist/drummer Scarlett Stevens described the band's formation:

"[Vocalist/guitarist] Jordi [Davieson] and I have known each other since we were little kids. Jordi won some recording time from some solo stuff he was doing and then he just called in all his friends to play on it."

Watch San Cisco perform "Fred Astaire" below:

Stevens had known Davieson since childhood, as their parents introduced them both to much of the music that would go on to influence the band. Guitarist/vovalist Josh Biondillo and bassist Nick Gardner joined to round out the lineup, and San Cisco was formed.

"We've been touring the album for nearly two years, I reckon, so our favorite songs have become our most hated songs," jokes Biondillo.

Watch San Cisco perform "Awkward" below:

"Nah, I like Fred Astaire," the band quickly replies in unison.  Their two selections -- "Fred Astaire" and "Awkward"--  showed off the good natured co-ed harmonies of their self-titled debut LP, out notw on RCA.