Richie Ramone, 'Criminal': Exclusive Song Premiere

DC-Jam Records

Richie Ramone

Signing to a new label to make his solo debut at the age of 55, drummer Richie Ramone still has something to prove. And like the name of the Ramones album he cut nearly 30 years ago, he's too tough to die.

"We've had this in the works now for a while and we're really excited about working with DC-Jam to get this out," Ramone said. "We put a lot of work in on creating this and we're really proud of it."

The newest addition to DC-Jam Records, Ramone's first solo effort, "Entitled," is set for digital release on Sept. 17 and on CD and Vinyl on Oct. 8. The album marks Ramone's return to punk rock after laying low for two decades following his five-year tenure with The Ramones. Immediately following his entrance to the band in 1983, Ramone built up his songwriting chops to pen what would become classics including "Somebody Put Something in My Drink" and "(You) Can't Say Anything Nice."

Back to holding the songwriting reins, Ramone's 12 freshest cuts aim to please fans of both rock and metal with its blend of power chord-chugging simplicity and guitar hero virtuosity. Premiering as the LP's first single, "Criminal," is packed with vocals as dirty as a CBGBs bathroom stall met with sharp solo runs by longtime shredder, Tommy Bolan. Listen here:

'Entitled' Track Listing:

  1. Criminal
  2. I Know Better Now
  3. Entitled
  4. Take My Hand
  5. Smash You
  6. Better Than Me
  7. Someday Girl
  8. Into the Fire
  9. I'm Not Jesus
  10. Humankind
  11. Vulnerable
  12. Forgotten Years

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