M.I.A. Drops 'Unbreak My Mixtape' Song, Says Documentary is Back On: Listen


The ballad comes days after M.I.A. complained about delays for November-due album "Matangi."

The road to "Matangi" stretches on, but at least M.I.A. has a new track.

"Unbreak My Mixtape," released on SoundCloud, is tagged "soft," "lovers rock" and "break up songs" on the streaming service: it captures M.I.A. singing sensitively through airy vocal effects and closes with a jazz sample. "How can I stand by you if I can't find my feet?" she sings.

The song comes days after the musician aired her frustrations over her fourth album's release.

"Who would stop MATANGI from coming out?" she asked on Twitter on Aug. 8. "If interscope takes longer i can always leak this next week and make a new one by the time they are ready."

Shortly thereafter, the delayed album found a release date, Nov. 5.

A controversial M.I.A. documentary appears to be back in progress, as well: "doc started back up today," she tweeted on Tuesday. In July, a trailer appeared online before quicky being pulled, and director Stephen Loveridge shared an email to Roc Nation announcing he "would rather die than work on this."

M.I.A.'s last effort, "Maya," was released in 2010. She's released "Matangi" single "Bring the Noize" and a number of tracks and videos since, drawing headlines in 2012 for appearing in Madonna's Super Bowl performance and throwing a middle finger.