The Supersuckers

Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers here. We're on this "Little Steven's Underground Garage Tour" and I thought I'd share a few notes I've jotted down with you. You can't wait to read my rambling no

Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers here. We're on this "Little Steven's Underground Garage Tour" and I thought I'd share a few notes I've jotted down with you. You can't wait to read my rambling nonsense, can you?


Don't you hate it when you're standing next to Joe Perry from Aerosmith and Slash while you're watching the New York Dolls and you can't think of anything good to talk about because you're still dwelling on what a moron you were when you met Carmen Electra backstage at the Joan Jett show earlier in the evening? I know, me too.

This scenario actually played out last night in Los Angeles on this Underground Garage tour and I just didn't know what to say to those guys. "Remember when you did that one song?" Or, "Hey Slash, I sure like that Volkswagen ad you're in." Yeah, dumb. But I was pretty stoked to be rubbing elbows with some true "A-List" celebs last week so I grabbed the trusty ol' camera phone and proceed to be an obnoxious, star-struck, cut-rate paparazzi fool and snap away.

I took a photo with Carmen (yeah, we're on a first name basis now!) while we were discussing whether she's more concerned about a future uprising and inevitable war with robots or the possibility of an army of the undead coming to destroy us all. She wasn't sure what the hell I was talking about so I proceeded to make the stupidest face in the history of photography.

Then, of course I had to get one with Slash. He was giving us some advice on the proper technique for holding (and drinking from) the bigger bottles of Jack Daniels and where to find a good haberdasher in Hollywood (A.K.A. "the Jungle"… Where you're gonna die.)

(I was a bit disappointed not to get a shot with Joe, but he left a little early. Probably had some hot sauce cooking at his hotel room or maybe he had a horse to ride -- he was certainly dressed
appropriately for either activity.)

Tonight is San Francisco where I'm hoping to have Blag Dahlia from the Dwarves help me finish a new song.


Well, mission accomplished. Blag and I had lunch and then retired to his spacious manor where we knocked out another awesome (oughtta-be-a) hit. Look for it soon!

Another great show in S.F… I think I'm really starting to like these Chesterfield Kings. Super nice dudes and the singer has a cool Lux Interior vibe.


Portland. Great show with a wacky beginning for me. Here's what happened:

I walk into the club while the first band was playing and I get a big shove from some drunk dude in the crowd. I turn around and he seems friendly enough, I think he just wanted to give me a big, manly, "Hey Eddie!" kind of shove and I was okay with that so I gave him one back, said "see ya" and turned around to go backstage. Then he cold-cocks me in the back of my head! I couldn't believe it, so I grabbed him by the elbows (so he couldn't hit me again -- a technique I learned at Ninja school back in the 80's) and I wrestled him to the entrance.

Man, it was a struggle! Three steps forward, two steps back and to the side, flailing and screaming every profanity in the "Deadwood" catalog, I finally got him to the door and handed him off to security where he was summarily tossed on his ass outside. He was quite a bit bigger than me and I don't think I would've been able to do it if he wasn't so wasted (and I hadn't had the Ninja training). Exhausted, I walked back inside to the chant of "Ed-die!, Ed-die!, Ed-die!" I guess the guy was being a real pain in the ass so I turned into a small time hero for a moment. Whew! I hope I don't have to do that again anytime soon.

And then, oh yeah, good show. Loudest crowd so far! Portland's always awesome.


Apparently, cool or weird things happen all the time on this Underground Garage Tour. In Seattle last night, Mary Kay LeTourneau was in da house. Yes, THAT Mary Kay LeTourneau. How weird is that?


I haven't written for a few days because I was at home in Seattle raking leaves and picking up dog crap for our two days off but don't go thinking that the craziness has stopped. It was incredible in Minneapolis when Prince, Paul Westerberg and some members of Soul Asylum weren't there. And then last night in Detroit, Kid Rock, Jack White and the entire Detroit Tigers baseball team were all somewhere else and not watching us rock at all. Nuts, isn't it!? Jealous yet?

Tonight, we're in Cleveland and who knows? Maybe I'll think of someone famous from here and then tell you how they didn't show up as well. This is riveting journalism, I know.

Another thing I know is that this is some fun touring and I'm surprised that I actually like all the bands on this trip. (I'm usually kind of a "hater.") I'm looking forward to hitting the east coast next week and blowing some more minds out there. The Dolls have been fantastic and really nice to hang with. If you haven't had a chance to see them since they reunited, don't miss it. They're great and, for all you old Hanoi Rocks fans out there, Sam Yaffa is the bass player. Yeah!