Katy Perry Promotional Truck Hit by Drunk Driver

A collision in a Pennsylvania parking lot totaled the cab of the pop star's golden carriage.

Promotion for Katy Perry's forthcoming Prism album has centered on a trickle of video clips and several massive 18-wheeler trucks colored in gold and adorned in album release copy, one of which hit by a drunk driver in Pennsylvania on Friday evening.

According to TMZ, a semi-truck slammed into Perry’s ride (she has not been riding in the trucks -- as of yet) and caused significant damage to the cab of the massive hulk of steel.

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The driver and passengers of the Perry mobile are said to be OK. As for the individual who crashed into the truck at a Wal-Mart parking lot, that person is being arrested for driving under the influence.

Soon after news broke of the collision, Perry stylist Johnny Wujek tweeted, "Can't slow us down."