K-Pop Hot 100: T-ara Makes Giant Leap for Top Spot

K-Pop Hot 100: 2NE1 and T-ara Overthrow SISTAR

The seven young ladies of T-ara can gloat about two things this week: First is about the growing popularity of their new EP, and second is the fact they are the group that finally put an end to soloist IU's historic five-week run at No. 1 on the K-Pop Hot 100. T-ara was able to reclaim the chart throne this week with its latest smash hit single, "Lovey Dovey" (up from the No. 20 last week).

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After their seductive chameleon-like transformation in "Cry Cry," the girls returned to their roots in a reign of disco brilliance with "Lovey Dovey," a sequel to their previous hit, "Roly Poly." In the video, the thumping song is visually heightened with bright street-style outfits and shuffle dance choreography that coordinates well with the catchy hook of the song -- where (surprise!) the girls repeatedly sing the words "lovey dovey" while pleading for their lovers' affections.

With a $4.3 million exclusive management deal for Japan locked down with Japan management company J-ROCK and their recent dominance on both Billboard Korea and Japan's charts, the ladies are surely working their way up to be the representative faces of K-Pop along with Kara and Girl's Generation.

Other chart moves on the K-Pop Hot 100 include six-member boy band Teen Top's landing in the top ten with "Going Crazy," from their current EP. The group has caused a stir for its possibly unintended "explicit" lyrics (Teen Top rapper L. Joe apparently mispronounces a word meaning "hell" in Korean to sound like the Korean counterpart for the f-word, considered taboo in K-Pop).

Nevertheless, this controversial song made it to the No. 8 spot this week. Brave Brothers -- the mastermind behind many K-Pop chart-topper tracks -- mixed the club-like dance beats and scripted the song's biting rap verses. This body-shaker has an addictive hook of constant repetition of the word "babe," which is reminiscent of Justin Bieber's favorite song, "Baby."

Meanwhile, the five-member boy band MBLAQ's newest single, "Scribble," entered at No. 15 on this week's Billboard K-Pop Hot 100. "Scribble" is a heart-wrenching ballad accompanied by the sophisticated sounds of the harmonica and guitar that collectively help to bring out the group's vocals. Watch for this song to continue rising the chart.