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Elton John Talks Super Bowl Ad, Fatherhood, Advice for Madonna

Elton John Talks Super Bowl Ad, Fatherhood, Advice for Madonna

As Elton John knows, it's good to be the king.

The musical sovereign will play an imperious monarch in a Pepsi Super Bowl ad this Sunday, joined by "The X Factor" winner Melanie Amaro.

"I always think it's hard being a talent show winner, it's too much fame all at once," John told "Good Morning America" in an on-set interview.

"I used to love it," he admitted. "But I also had the live experience to back it up. And that's vital… It's still the same premise, if you want a career now, you have to play live and you have to try and write your own songs."

John, clad in his trademark glasses along with full royal regalia, described himself as a passionate sports fan, with year's match-up having personal significance for the rocker.

"I scream at the television," he said. "I'm hoping for a Patriots win, because [owner] Robert Kraft is my dear friend and he lost his lovely wife Myra this year and I would love the Patriots to win for her."

And he says he and partner David Furnish's son, Zachary, will follow in his sport-fan footsteps.

"He's a little young but he does like soccer already. he kicks the ball and he loves it," John said.

As for the half-time show, John had some advice for Madonna, who he's had strong opinions about in recent weeks: "Make sure you lip-sync good," he chuckled.

"I've never seen a decent one," he added, then amending his opinion. "I saw the Stones and I saw Prince and I thought they were pretty good."