Adele Covers Vogue, Says She'll Never Make Another Breakup Record

Adele Covers Vogue, Says She'll Never Make Another Breakup Record

Adele had one of the biggest weekends of her life (hello, Grammy sweep!), and in the mix was the release of her long-rumored U.S. Vogue cover, for the March 2012 issue (pictured above).

Less than an hour after the Grammys ended last night, published the cover, its accompanying story and eleven photos from the Adele shoot (by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott). (The cover perviously surfaced on fashion blogs over the weekend.) On the stunning cover, there's not a hip in sight -- just flowing hair and plenty of cleavage, accentuated by a tight-fitting black lace dress.

The accompanying photo set shows a bit of variety in fashion choices, straying from Adele's usual all-black look via dramatic gem-toned touches from Oscar de la Renta, a wide corset belt and leather gloves. There's still plenty of black, vintage and lace, though -- all Adele fashion staples. Meanwhile, extreme close-ups of Adele's face show off her flawless skin and features.

In the cover story, the writer, unlike a certain Mr. Lagerfeld, doesn't focus on Adele's body, or any of her rumored weight lose as of late. Instead, readers learn about her recent vocal recovery, and that despite what her fans want, she's not planning on writing another "21" any time soon. "I am never writing a breakup record again, by the way," she said. "I'm done with being a bitter witch."

In fact, she actually has some nice things to say about the man -- ten years older than her -- who broke her heart and in the process, inspired "21." "You know, he was amazing," Adele admits in Vogue. "He was great. But it was never going to work. And for ages I was like, As if he deserves any fucking kudos for inspiring my record. But now, after some time, it only seems right that the person who so far has had the biggest impact on me-has now changed my life for fucking ever with this album-deserves a little credit. I can do things that I never dreamed I'd be able to do. If I hadn't met him, I think I'd still be that little girl I was when I was eighteen. And the best thing is, I now know what I want for myself and from someone else. I didn't know what I wanted before."

As for Adele's new man friend, 37-year-old charity CEO Simon Konecki (who accompanied her to the Grammys last night), she boasts that "he's proud of me, but he don't care about what I do or what other people think."

Looks like fans can expect "25" (or whatever it may be called) to be a happy record -- something very different for Ms. Adkins.

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