Glee's Prophetic Whitney Houston Tribute

Getty Images
Mar 1 1994: Whitney Houston backstage at the 36th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Often "Glee" has their collective finger on the pulse of popular discourse, but this week's musical selection proved to be almost prophetic in its timeliness. Filmed before Whitney Houston's death this weekend, the hit show will include a tribute to the singer, a rep for Columbia, the label that releases "Glee" music, confirmed to Billboard.

"Purely coincidentally, the episode contains Mercedes (Amber Riley) singing 'I Will Always Love You,' the Dolly Parton song Houston made famous in 'The Bodyguard.' The producers have decided to dedicate the episode to Houston's memory with a card in the end credits."

Riley will sing the ballad as part of a plot line revolving around her indecision over two romantic interests. The budding "Glee" star met Houston at a Kelly Price pre-Grammy event just days before the singer's death.

"I didn't need her to take a picture with me," Riley told E! Online, describing the encounter at a Kelly Price event in Los Angeles. "I didn't need an autograph. The fact that she even acknowledged that I was standing there was enough for me."

The Valentine's episode will also feature music from Gym Class Heroes (feat. Adam Levine), Mario, and an spunky version of The B-52's "Love Shack." Listen to Riley's "I Will Always Love You" below: