Lady Gaga Producer Explains Madonna Diss on Grammys Red Carpet

Lady Gaga May Have 'Ruined' Cohort White Shadow

On the red carpet at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night (Feb. 12), DJ White Shadow, who helped produce Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," took a moment to clarify a disparaging statement he made last month on Twitter directed toward one of Gaga's biggest influences: Madonna.

"I love Madonna. I think Madonna's great," DJ White Shadow told "Her career is awesome, her music's awesome -- nobody can imagine a world without Madonna in it. But sometimes, people say stupid shit. And sometimes, I say stupid shit."

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The "shit" in question hit the fan in mid-January when the producer called Madonna an "old lady" and a "no memories having motherfucker" when Madge publicly said that Gaga's "Born This Way" single was an "interesting" way to redo my song." "I obviously do not hate Madonna, or belittle her talent or achievements, however, if she thinks we stole a song from her she is wrong," the producer wrote at the time.

On Sunday night, however, DJ White Shadow was more even-tempered about the subject. "I got a little bit upset after she was poking, so whatever," he says. "I didn't mean it to be like, 'Madonna's the worst ever, and I can't stand her!' I just thought it was a little bit of a slick jab, that it was unnecessary, because honestly, I don't get it."

Check out the full video interview below:

Reporting by Keith Caulfield ( @keith_caulfield) in Los Angeles.