Justin Bieber Vows to Party in Far East Movement's 'Live My Life'

Three of the four members of Far East Movement are cool and collected behind their shades at the Billboard Music Awards.

Justin Bieber's newly matured voice opens and flows throughout Far East Movement's RedOne-produced song "Live My Life," a thumping dance attack that'll be featured off the group's upcoming "Dirty Bass" album.

Lyrical duties for Bieber are relegated to the song's hook, in which the singer makes a pledge to party no matter what: "I'm gonna live my life, no matter what we party tonight. I'm gonna li-i-ive my life, I know that we gonna be alright."

A video for "Live My Life," which one can assume will co-star Bieber, will be filmed in the coming weeks and another remix featuring Redfoo of LMFAO will soon follow. The song will be available on iTunes on Tuesday, Feb. 28, and a "Dirty Bass" album is expected this Spring.

In a statement announcing the track, group member Kev Nish said they were "thrilled" to have Bieber on board for a collaboration.

"FM has always focused on unexpected collaborations and mashing up musical genres which keeps making music exciting," Nish said. "'Live My Life,' is a song we think both FM and Bieber fans will enjoy together."