Patrick Stump Lets the Bastards Get Him Down in New Blog Post

Patrick Stump Rocks Big Boi's 'Shutterbugg'

Patrick Stump Rocks Big Boi's 'Shutterbugg'

While former Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump's latest blog post starts off warm and fuzzy -- commenting on a nostalgic piece published by Under the Gun Review about the importance of his band's breakout album, "From Under the Cork Tree" -- the sentiments that followed were anything but.

MASHUP MONDAYS: Patrick Stump Rocks Big Boi's 'Shutterbugg'

"I wasn't prepared for was the fervor of the hate from people who were ostensibly my own supporters (or at least supporters of something I had been part of)," he laments. "The barrage of 'We liked you better fat,' the threatening letters to my home, the kids that paid for tickets to my solo shows to tell me how much I sucked without Fall Out Boy, that wasn't something I suppose I was or ever will be ready for. That's dedication. That's real palpable anger."

Stump's self-deprecating post continues: "I guess I'm just angry because he [Jacob Tender, the author of the Under the Gun Review essay that prompted Stump's blog post] illuminates why I'm a 27 [year-old] has-been. I'm a touring artist and I feel I've become incapable of touring anymore with any act…whether I were to go out as a solo artist or do some Fall Out Boy 'Reunion,'" mentioning that the band never officially broke up.

"I will never be the kid from 'Take This To Your Grave' again," Stump says, referencing Fall Out Boy's 2003 album. "And I'm deeply sorry that I can't be, I truly am (no irony, no sarcasm). I hate waking up every morning knowing I'm disappointing so many people."

So where does Stump -- who released his first solo album, "Soul Punk," last October -- go from here? He says he's debating releasing his currently unfinished sophomore record, but that he's more than game to get the ole band back together, though it's unlikely.

"Still no word on Fall Out Boy… I know Joe's working on his new record and Pete's mixtape just came out so I don't expect anything on that front in the near future," he says. "I, as always, would be super psyched to do the band again though."