BT's Busy 2012: Mix Set, 'Quiet' EP & a Follow-Up to 'Machines'

BT's Busy 2012: Mix Set, 'Quiet' EP & a Follow-Up to 'Machines'

BT's Busy 2012: Mix Set, 'Quiet' EP & a Follow-Up to 'Machines'

Electronic artist and hitmaking pop producer/remixer BT is setting up for a busy 2012, with three defined artist releases and some external projects for the film and even corporate worlds.

"I've just been writing a ton of music, honestly," BT (or bt, real name Brian Transeau) tells "Things have changed in such an amazing way now, with the amount of music you can release and get to people -- and that they're interested in engaging in. They have the appetite for it. You don't have to release a record every three years, you can put out music all the time."

This is what we can expect from him in the relatively near future:

• A mix collection called "Laptop Symphony" that's coming in the spring and is similar to his laptop performances and the music he plays on his Sirius radio program and is designed to "grab the vibe" of his live shows. "If you watch me live, that's very much what you're going to get," he explains. "All my friends that have listened to it are like, 'This shit is kooky, so all over the place stylistically. It ranges from dubstep to drumstep to some more progressive stuff, some trance -- really all over the place, with the sort of sound design and more esoteric detail work I put on my albums. It's a really exciting record."

• A self-released chill EP of "more experimental stuff, kind of in the vein of (2006's) 'This Binary Universe.' It's funny, because in working on my quiet, sort of down-time music I'm always writing these very sort of soft, almost lullabyesque pieces of music. It has all the crazy beats and stuff that are signatures of my work, but they're very quiet pieces of music. I've been Soundclouding some things, and fans are freaking out about it. I realized it's its own voice, so I'm putting it out that way."

• The full-length follow-up to BT's Grammy-nominated 2010 album "These Hopeful Machines," which he describes as "straight-up dance stuff. There's so much I've been inspired by over the last 18 months. I'm really inspired by the current crop of producers coming up now. It's gotten me reinvigorated in bpm stuff. My fan base is going to be really excited by this record." bt estimates that he's "65-75 percent done" with the album but isn't hazarding a guess for a release date yet. "Close friends of mine in my peer group have been listening to some of these productions, saying they're the best sounding record I've made in my whole life," bt notes. "Coming from some of those people, it means a lot."

But wait -- there's more. BT recently composed music for a new Pixar short called "Partysaurus," contributed to an unidentified Fortune 500 company's User Interface and a "very top secret project" that he says is "unlike anything else I've ever worked on."

"My own personal kind of bar is very high," he says. "I want to give people things that are fully baked and reflect the level of quality I'm known for. You don't want to just dump out your little noodlings or things you're working on. But now the tools exist to give people these wholly baked things in a much quicker fashion -- when I'm still totally excited about them, too."