Take The Day: Battle of the Bands 2012 Midwest

Take The Day beat out two other acts in the Billboard.com vote to become the finalist in the midwest region. The band has hit the road to Las Vegas where they will play against the other finalists head to head at the May 18 Battle of the Bands concert. Watch the roadtrip video below now! The ultimate winner will appear on the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. In addition to the Battle show, your views to this page will contribute to a social score that influences who will win. So come back here often to follow the journey and to help Take The Day win the Battle.

Milwaukee five-piece Take The Day opens up about the importance of guitars, ignoring haters, rocking festivals, and why world domination hinges on Lady Gaga.

Describe your sound and your audience in your own words.
Our style would be considered Top 40. Because we kind of grew up listening to that Warped Tour scene where everything is really guitar driven. [Our audience is] kind of all over the place. I guess the demographic is somewhere between middle school to college, but kind of just anybody that's into pop music in general.

Tell us about your first gig ever -- just how awkward was it?
I don't know, our first show was at a venue called The Rave in Milwaukee. They had a lot of shows come through town there. We didn't really know what we were doing. We knew we definitely had some sort of chemistry with each other, we knew how to move around on stage, we weren't running into each other and stuff like that. But we don't have any recordings of it so if I had to go back and listen to it I'm sure it'd be, you know, awful.

What's the strangest thing anyone has ever said about your band?
Oh ma n, the strangest thing -- I don't know. We don't have a whole lot of strange things said about us. There's always haters whenever you're in a band or something like that. I'm probably not gonna repeat it, but there's definitely been some hate comments. As far as anything strange, there are always rumors going around about like relationships and stuff like that, but no tabloid headlines yet.

Why should you win this competition?
We should win this competition because we're young in terms of being a band -- we've only been around for about a year -- and we've made a ton of progress. When we started a year ago, we basically had nothing. We picked this up from scratch and we basically just decided we wanted to form this project all around trying to write the best songs that we can. I feel like we've done that at this point, and nothing really gets in the way in terms of trying to achieve that.

What's your next project?
Summer's coming up here so we have a lot of festivals. Festival shows are always the best -- there's always a built in audience and they take really good care of you in terms of food and compensation, which is nice because most of the time we're scrapping or rolling in on fumes to the next venue. So that'll be exciting.

What's the weirdest thing to ever happen to you on tour?
We've definitely had some weirder shows. We went on the Extreme Tour last summer and the very first day of the tour we got everything set up and it was a big deal to get everything set up outside, it was a wonderful day about 70 degrees, and just after we got everything all setup it just started down pouring on everything. If you know band stuff like gear, it doesn't really agree with water too much. So it was pretty much a mad scramble to find tarps. If you had an overview, it would probably look like ants scrambling for cover.

If your band had to come up with a plan for total world domination in the next 10 seconds, what would it be?
Lady Gaga. Going on tour with Lady Gaga and just going around wherever we can. We've definitely seen some other bands that have gone out with her and just done really well for themselves. Not to sound conceited or anything but we always feel like we're better than that opening band and when we watch from out in the crowd we feel like we can do it better ourselves.

Interview by Sarah Maloy



"Won't Wait"

Take The Day Members:

Adam Devlin, vocals
Timothy Wolf, guitar/vocals
Clint Hancock, guitar
Rob Carey, bass
Jon Sodemann, drums

Take The Day's Bio:

A five-piece unit founded around the idea that music should be a means to spread positivity, passion and love, Take The Day came together in 2010 to create a sound that represents youthfulness and growing up. This ideal is exemplified by their high energy music, which is accented by positive lyrics about hanging out with friends and falling in love. The band's vocal melodies are heavily influenced by pop artists like Cobra Starship, Ke$ha and Katy Perry, while instrumental inspiration draws from a mix of pop-punk (All Time Low, Blink-182) and the throbbing bass lines of electronic artists like Skrillex and Avicii. These elements combine to form a unique blend of anthemic electro-infused pop-rock.

In 2011, TTD gained a loyal following via radio play on Milwaukee's KISS FM and soon thereafter took on its first summer tour. 2012 is looking to be an exciting year for TTD, as the band was named Alternative Press' best unsigned band in America, while two new singles are due for release in March 2012. Tim, Clint, Rob, Jon and vocalist Adam Devlin can't wait to hit the road again, as more touring is planned for summer 2012.

Twitter: @WeAreTakeTheDay
Facebook: Take The Day
Youtube: Youtube.com/Wearetaketheday


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