Hot 100 March Madness Round 1: Vote Now!

Hot 100 March Madness Finals: Vote Now!

Vote For Your Favorite Recent Hot 100 No. 1

March Madness tips off this Thursday (Mar. 15), with 64 NCAA basketball teams vying to bust brackets and be crowned national champions. This year, has put a little twist on the sports ritual -- we've devised our own bracket of the 32 most recent songs to top the Hot 100 chart. Dating back to March 2010, these 32 tracks scored at least one week as the biggest song in the country -- and now, they're facing off against each other, in head-to-head match-ups that will determine what fans think is the best of these smash hits.

To help determine the winner of Hot 100 March Madness, check out the full bracket of songs, and then vote for your individual favorites in the head-to-head match-ups below.

The match-ups within the bracket were determined by the dates in which each song topped the Hot 100: the most recent No. 1, fun.'s "We Are Young," is matched up against the 32nd most recent No. 1, Rihanna's "Rude Boy," and so on.

On Friday (Mar. 16), we'll reveal the 16 songs that won their match-ups and survived the round of 32, and another round of voting begins. On Friday, Mar. 30, a Hot 100 March Madness champion -- the No. 1 single that you think is the best smash hit of the past two years -- will be crowned.

Some artists, like Pink and Wiz Khalifa, have one song going for the gold, while others like Adele and Katy Perry (who has a whopping six songs in the bracket) are hoping that quantity equal quality wins as the competition moves forward. The first round is already stacked with interesting match-ups: will Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" survive a "Grenade" lobbed by Bruno Mars? Can Perry and Snoop Dogg take down the "Sexy" boys of LMFAO? And will Pitbull take "Everything" from Rihanna and Drake? It's up to you to decide.

Vote now for your favorite tracks below, and be sure to discuss the bracket in the comments section!