Black Keys Apologize to Nickelback: Watch

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The Black Keys have taken back their comments on Nickeback being "s---" -- sort of.

"I didn't mean to single them out. It just came out," the band's Patrick Carney told MTV News Canada.

"There's much worse bands than Nickelback. Maybe," he said as he and Dan Auerbach broke into giggles. "That was the worst apology."

Carney made the initial remarks on the alternative rockers in Rolling Stone, a snipe that drew a humorous tweet from Nickelback thanking the indie duo for naming then "the biggest rock band in the world."

Asked if the duo were music snobs, Carney said he wasn't.

"I don't like bad music, but look, I've got a lot of friends and not one of them has a Nickelback record. I'm not a small minority."

Still, the ascendent indie act said they'd avoid Nickelback's Chad Kroeger at the next awards show.

"He'd probably punch us in the face," Carney said.