Temper Trap Embrace 'Brighter' Sound on New Album

Photos: Behind the Scenes With Temper Trap

The Temper Trap will return with their self-titled sophomore album this summer, and with it, a fresh shot of California warmth.

"The music's a lot brighter. Some of that L.A. sun seeped in," singer/guitarist Dougy Mandagi told Billboard.com. The Australian band recorded the album in Los Angeles after writing sessions in a London studio, with a fresh batch of instruments also influencing the indie act's sound. "I mean lyrically it's probably more on the darker side. It's quite interesting how the two opposites compliment each other."

The Temper Trap

Photos From Inside the Studio

Guitarist/keyboardist Lorenzo Silleto said, "Part of the inspiration came from, we bought some new gear -- a synthesizer, a keyboard that had synthesizer things in it... We were able to feed off those things a little bit more, by having new elements."

The 12 tracks were produced by Tony Hoffer (Beck, Phoenix). Glassnote/Columbia will release the set on June 5.

The Temper Trap's debut, "Conditions," was released in 2009, becoming a success as single "Sweet Disposition" found a home in the critically acclaimed film "(500) Days of Summer" as well as in a number of commercial spots. But the band's determined that their biggest hit won't be their last.

"We don't want to get pegged as the 'Sweet Disposition' band," Mandagi said. "With this new record, there's something that's inside us that's wanting to prove we're more than that."