Dee Snider Slips on the Pleather in Horror Sitcom, 'Holliston'

Dee Snider Slips on the Pleather in Horror Sitcom, 'Holliston'

GWAR's Oderus Ungerus Plays Himself in New FEARnet Series: Watch Preview

GWAR singer Oderus Urungus portrays himself in FEARnet's new series "Holliston." Dee Snider, on the other hand, is adamant that the character he plays, Lance Rocket, is nothing like him.

"Lance Rocket is a parody of all those hair metal from the '80s still playing clubs," says the singer who rose to fame leading Twisted Sister three decades ago. "I wouldn't be caught dead in (the show's) outfits. Pink spandex? Pleather? I'm walking on the set and some grip yells out 'hey Dee, still rocking the outfits.' I'm thinking this isn't me - it's Kevin duBrow (of Quiet Riot). The subtleties are lost."

"Holliston" premieres April 3 on the cable channel FEARnet. Snider portrays the head of a Boston cable access station, while Oderus Urungus is there to provide less-than-sagely advice to Adam, who works for Lance Rocket and co-hosts a late night movie program with his friend Joe.

Adam is Adam Green, who started developing the show 13 years ago as a twist on his low budget film "Talking Donuts." It sold to UPN as "Coffee and Donuts" and was returned to Green after UPN merged with the WB. After writing and directing several horror films ("Frozen," "Hatchet" and "Hatchet II"), he turned "Coffee and Donuts" into the horror-sitcom "Holliston."

For Green, the show is the first chance he has to work extensively with a childhood idol, Snider.

"When I was eight I got a Twisted Sister tape and wore out that tape," Green says. "In the fourth grade, we were asked to do a report on the most important people in our lives and all the other kids did things on their parents, but I did it on Dee Snider. It was my first and last A+.

"Funny thing is I met him and then every time I was going to give up on (film), I'd run into Dee Snider. We've developed this surreal relationship. It's not too often that you meet your idols, but Dee even officiated my wedding two years ago. It's such a weird story." (In 2007, they shot a 10 minute documentary on their relationship, called "A Twisted Tale").

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"When I met Adam it was on a red carpet," Snider recalls, "and (after a few years) I said to him 'dude,' we're peers.' This is no fan-hero relationship. There's no weirdness about this - I have my own heroes, like Alice Cooper who will always be my hero. Now he's just Alice."

FEARnet's first series, "Holliston" is six episodes of between 30 and 40 minutes each. It has been screened in cities such as Austin, Texas, and Anaheim, Calif., where Green said the reception was "surprisingly good. It usually takes a few episodes of a show to understand the characters, but it seems like people got this after only six or seven minutes."

The score for the show comes from Bear McCreary ("The Walking Dead," "Battlestar Gallactica"), who has enlisted rock veterans to give the show a metal edge. The only song licensed for the first season is Hog's "Get a Job" for the opening titles; there is no music from Snider or GWAR, which has three songs cut for its next album, in the series.

"It does come from a place that GWAR relates to," Oderus Urungus said from Lincoln, Neb., where GWAR was performing on its Return of the World Maggot Tour. "I met Adam three or four years ago, he always came to our shows in L.A. and we formed a friendship."

Working with Snider and Oderus, Green says, "was a dream come true."