Andrew W.K. is 'Uniting The Human Race Through Partying' on New Album

CMJ: Andrew W.K. Video Q&A
Andrew Strasser

Even as he tours the world continuing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut release, Andrew W.K. has a new album -- or albums -- in his crosshairs.

The "Party Hard" rocker tells that he has "a huge amount of material" he's been working on for not one but possibly two new albums. "I've been even more recently working on a very focused, proper rock 'n' roll album," W.K. adds. "I will resume that work as soon as I get back to New York in June, so in the summer I'll be recording this new album and hopefully get it done as quick as possible without rushing. It just takes a long time to record in this manner I've chosen to work in, not really having a band play but just (recording) one instrument at a time. So it takes time, but it's worth it. The results justify the means for me."

The album will be W.K.'s first set of all new songs since "Close Calls With Brick Walls," which was released during 2006 in Japan and on vinyl in the U.S. and then received a wider release in 2010. He put out an instrumental album, "55 Cadillac," in 2009 as well as the Japanese-only "Gundam Rock," comprised of songs from the anime series. He also released a "Party All Goddamn Night" EP in 2011 and wrote and recorded the theme song for the 2012 World Snowboarding Championship ("Go, Go, Go, Go") in Norway.

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Some of W.K.'s work has been hampered by what he calls "some particular business decisions during my young, new career" that he's been in the process of "resolving" since 2009. "Things got real crazy and complicated and confusing, business-wise and personal life-wise, for the last few years," he acknowledges. "I fought against some of these circumstances, but know I take full responsibility for all the choices both good and maybe not so good, and now things are better than ever. We have this new understanding with my team and handlers, so this is a chance to take another big step forward and do my humble little part to further the mission here -- uniting the human race through partying."

And until there's new music to offer, W.K. is enjoying revisiting his past on the "I Get Wet" anniversary tour, playing the seminal 2001 party album in its entirety each night. "I wasn't really keeping track in that way, and it just snuck up on us," he says. "I was a bit shocked and freaked out that 10 years had gone by so fast -- but time flies when you're partying very hard."

"I'm enjoying playing the songs more than I ever have. This has been the biggest and best reaction we've had to a tour, or just in general. So I feel very thankful and grateful, and the result of that feeling is to make the most of it and go and work even harder than ever before and take advantage of this opportunity. I still feel very driven and very connected to that same feeling that made me want to do this when I signed up back in '99, so that's all I can ask for, really."