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Editors Guitarist Chris Urbanowicz Leaves Band

Editors Guitarist Chris Urbanowicz Leaves Band

British indie rock band Editors has parted ways with lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz, the group announced today (April 16).

A statement on Editors' website reads, "In a decision entirely based upon future musical direction, and with huge sadness, Editors and Chris Urbanowicz have parted ways."

The band, which has been together since 2002, is currently working on a fourth studio album to follow up 2009's "In This Light and on This Evening."

Editors' post continued: "In ten years we've gone from playing tiny clubs in Birmingham to having number one records in several countries, selling out massive shows across the globe and headlining festivals as four friends together so this was a massively painful decision for all of us to make."

They wished Urbanowicz luck and assured fans that the amicable parting would have no impact on the music. The remaining members, Tom Smith, Russell Leetch and Ed Lay, will continue to play shows and work on the new album with producer Flood, continuing the group as a trio rather than replacing Urbanowicz.