Marina and The Diamonds Answers Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend': Watch

Marina and The Diamonds Answers Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend': Watch

It's easy to imagine Justin Bieber singing to girlfriend Selena Gomez in his steamy new single "Boyfriend." But Marina and The Diamonds have put a completely different spin on his track, turning The Bieb's latest into a dark, acoustic lament.

In her answer to "Boyfriend," the U.K. singer throws in a biting wrench, changing the chorus to, "When I was your girlfriend you always let me go/Kept me on your arm boy, so you weren't left alone/You could have been a better man, anytime you want/But when I was your girlfriend, I always felt alone."

The bridge packs an equally hard-hitting punch: "I gave you a chance, you're all I needed, boy/Spend a month with me boy, never calling me your girlfriend/If you were my man, I'd never leave you, boy/But you won't ever love or treat me right."

The cover comes as Marina & the Diamonds prepares to release their sophomore album, "Electra Heart," in the U.K. on April 30. The album will see its stateside release on July 17 while Marina supports Coldplay on tour this summer in addition to her own headlining shows. That album features production from Diplo, Rick Nowels, Liam Howe and Greg Kurstin, with Dr. Luke handling the first single "Primadonna."

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