Katy Perry Wants a 'F---ing Vacation' After Next Single

Katy Perry Wants a 'F---ing Vacation' After Next Single

Katy Perry Wants a 'F---ing Vacation' After Next Single

K aty Perry has been a very busy pop star over the past two years, scoring five Hot 100 No. 1s off her 2010 effort "Teenage Dream" and another topper in February with "Part of Me," off the "Complete Confection" collection. She'll try to do it again with "Wide Awake," which hits radio later this month.

"I swear, after this song, I'm taking a fucking vacation," Perry said following her acceptance speech for artist of the year the NARM Music Awards on Thursday (May 10).

The mid-tempo "Wide Awake," written expressly for her "Part of Me 3D" movie hitting theaters July 5, is the second single off "Complete Confection." At NARM, Perry went out of her way to thank the music industry for helping her succeed, but she also allowed some of the credit to land on her.

"I have to say that I do a lot to sell my records," she said with a smile. "I do the right things… I work very hard! I like to sell out in all the best ways."

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Perry, who began her music career as a Christian artist, relayed a story about growing up not being able to listen to secular music -- her parents are ministers -- and recalled when she first decided she wanted to be "what I am today."

I wasn't allowed to listen to secular music, so every time I would go over to my friends house I would make them turn on MTV real quick. And one of my friends… one day pulled out a record, a song in particular called "Killer Queen" by Queen.

I remember hearing that song and -- I don't know if you have that moment in your memory because you work in the music industry -- there was that one song that hit you like a shockwave and I remember falling down in what felt like slow motion in my bed listening to the lyrics of "Killer Queen." And I thought to myself, 'Oh my gosh, this music is incredible. These lyrics speak to me…' and that's what made me want to be what I am today.

So thank you for selling that record to her, so that I could have that one moment, that epiphany that led me to this place today.

As previously reported, Perry, who said she's going through a "goth" phase right now, also made a business-related comment to her label during her acceptance speech, referring to the still-pending merger of Universal and EMI.

"I would like to thank my amazing record label team at EMI/Capitol Records. Long live EMI!" she said, before switching to a low growl, "You haven't taken us down yet Universal."