Give Him a Break: Mayer Hawthorne Taking Time Before Next Album

Give Him a Break: Mayer Hawthorne Taking Time Before Next Album

Even as he's actively touring to support his second album, 2011's "How Do You Do," Mayer Hawthorne assures us he's "always writing songs on the road." He even hit the studio during a recent stop in Miami to work on new material.

But, Hawthorne cautions, the end result is likely to come later than sooner.

"I'm always working on new stuff, but 'How Do You Do' is definitely the focus right now," he tells "This is the biggest tour I've ever done; it started two years ago, basically, and I've pretty much been on the road non-stop -- and we still have a long way to go. A lot of people are just discovering this album right now, so I'm not really thinking about a next album just yet."

The luxury, of course, is that Hawthorne will have plenty of time to experiment until brass tacks time comes. "That's great," he says. "For the first time ever I'll have a lot of songs I can just record and listen to and chill with for awhile. I have no idea what the next album is going to sound like. The only thing I know is that it has to be fun and has to be different than the last two albums."

Hawthorne will get to contemplate what's next during the summer. After his current North American tour wraps on July 7 he says he's "probably going to be taking a break and get to see my family for awhile. We're going to be doing some festivals and some spot dates here and there, but I'm gonna need a little vacation after this tour. I haven't had more than 10 days' break in two years."

He's not complaining, however, as the hard work -- and the backing of Universal Republic -- seems to be paying off.

"You can definitely feel the difference. It's really grown a lot since the last time we came around," Hawthorne notes. "The big label definitely helps in having some songs on the radio and TV shows and whatnot. People will send me tweets or texts, 'Yo, I'm at Red Lobster now and they're playing Mayer Hawthorne,' more of that kind of stuff, which is hilarious. It's not just my mom anymore; now I get it from everywhere.

"And also just having time for word of mouth to spread. All the people that saw us last time we were somewhere, they all told their friends and they're all at the shows, and it's good."