Music's Sexiest Man & Woman: Poll Results

Music's Sexiest Man & Woman: Poll Results

Music's Sexiest Man & Woman: Poll Results

See who got your vote for the sexiest man and woman in pop?

Along with crafting perfect hooks, displaying incredible vocal skill and letting the world in on your personality, a pop star's sex appeal can help elevate them above their peers. You voted for your favorite seductive stars, and the results are in!

With more than 600,000 votes cast, Adam Lambert was named Music's Sexiest Man, earning 26% of the vote! Standing alongside the former "American Idol" and recent Billboard 200 chart-topper was the princess of pop, Britney Spears, who netted an overwhelming 45% to be named Music's Sexiest Woman.

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Next up on the list of sexiest men was Adam Levine (12%), Justin Bieber (10%), and Enrique Iglesias (9.75%). Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz made the top 10 without even being on the original ballot, and a write-in entry, Jo Calderone, would have placed in the top 10 were in not for the fact that Jo is actually Lady Gaga's alter ego and therefore doesn't qualify for sexiest man. See who else made the list of Music's Sexiest Men in our gallery.

The ladies in line behind Britney were Lady Gaga, with 12% of the vote, and Beyonce, with 8%. See which female pop stars made the top 10, and how close the results were, in our Music's Sexiest Women gallery.

Did readers choose the right man and woman for the sexiest title? Was your favorite hottie robbed? Sound off on who should have won in the comments below!