Feist Preps for Bonnaroo, Talks 'Incessant' Tour Slate

Feist performs during Day 2 of the 2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California.

Though her most recent album, "Metals," is all of eight months old, Leslie Feist says she's "as curious as I could be" about what she'll do next.

"Ideally I'd like to make a record relatively quickly... but don't quote me on that," Feist told Billboard.com with a laugh during a conference call with reporters promoting this year's Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, where she'll play Friday [June 8]. "I know that we're going to wind up touring in the fall. We're going to just call it a day and tie the bow at the end there and stop touring in the fall sometime. So that'll leave me at liberty to spend a little time writing again and see what comes up next."

Feist has mostly festival dates -- including the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago -- into early August in North America, then heads to Europe for shows during August and currently wraps at the Harvest Picnic on Sept. 1 back in Dundas, Ont. And for now she's not worrying too much about getting new material together. "There's a few little ideas, but it's pretty incessant, the touring schedule," she explained. "There isn't a lot of time, and over the years I've learned not to try to do five things at once. I've actually been really enjoying touring more by just being there to do that and work on the arrangements and have barbecues with the band and not try to be making, writing a new album while I'm touring the one previous."

Feist said she and her band plan to enjoy this year's Bonnaroo, with a couple of days free after her show to hang out and see other bands. "Normally when we're in a festival scenario... we rush in, play the show the day of and then for the most part rush out and have to head to the next show," she said. "But we've given ourselves a little buffer so we can actually see some of the other bands the day before we play. At New Orleans (Jazz & Heritage Festival) we were there the day before so I just got to wander around and actually be at the festival, which I almost never do. Then the next day kind of was a different experience to be playing having just been there the day before. So I think it'll be more like that this time."

This year's Bonnaroo brings Feist back for the first time since 2007, which she remembers for a couple of reasons. "I remember it as being a really fun, sweaty, chaotic show," she said. "I've played at a lot of festivals that I really don't remember because they all just kind of bleed into one another. But that one, it does stand out. I saw the Police reunion that time; That was pretty fantastic for me to see 'Synchronicity' played live. Also my guitar player had just broken his knee the day before in Atlanta playing soccer after the show. We had to get him crutches and cut one of the legs of his pants off, and he had to crutch his way across this giant Bonnaroo, you know, set, the grounds, to our stage. It took him about two hours. And, so, very memorable."